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I'm thinking of Hurting Myself

Mind Your Mind

In Crisis

If you are:

  • feeling desperate and hopeless
  • worried you might hurt yourself, someone else, or commit suicide
  • alone with no one to talk to

If you have:

  • made a plan
  • the means to hurt yourself or someone else (e.g. pills or a weapon)
  • attempted suicide or hurt yourself before?

Please get help immediately! Do one of the following:

  • Call 911
    • If you don’t know how to ask for help, click here.?
  • Go the nearest Emergency Hospital
    • Not sure if you should go to the hospital? Click here.
    • Nervous about calling? Learn what to expect. Click here.
  • Call the local Emergency Response Service

Once you have called for help, use these tips to wait safely. If you need to talk to someone, but don’t need to call 911 or go to the emergency room, there are many other ways that you can get help! Click here to explore your options.

- See more at:

Youth in BC - Bullying



Bullying is often about one person having physical and/or social power and dominance over another. A bully uses many different ways to to target their victim. Bullies are creatures of habit – their target experiences their bullish, rude and abusive behaviour over and over.

If you’ve been bullied, you know how it can make you feel – scared, alone, depressed and angry – along with many other emotions.

Contact the above website for more info on Bullying.

~  Delta  ~

Deltassist - Suicide Prevention



Provides assistance to youth who are at risk of committing suicide. Services include crisis intervention, risk assessment/management, individual and family counselling, co-ordinated community response and prevention education to the community and in Delta schools.

~  Surrey  ~

SPEAC: Suicide Prevention Education & Counselling

9815 140th Street, 



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For children and youth 18 and under who have made a suicide attempt or are at risk of doing so, the Suicide Prevention, Education and Counselling (SPEAC) program provides suicide risk assessment, crisis intervention and short-term counselling. The therapists are also available for consultation as well as to provide prevention workshops to community groups upon request.
Call and ask for a SPEAC intake worker

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