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Artificial Friend

Up, down and inside out; the story of my life.

I lived, laughed and later learned; each choice comes with a price.

I thought I was the one in charge; but I somewhere lost control.

And instead of fighting back full-force; I slipped deeper down the hole.

I trusted in a man-made friend to fulfill my every need.

Alone and unaware in false reality.

Artificial happiness; no sense of right or wrong.

Shouting out the lyrics; to a wordless song.

Dreaming dreams of fake success; and crying empty tears.

Wondering what I had done with all those wasted years.

Being no one’s fault but my own; I hated all that I’d become.

And through the hate I found the strength to change the years to come.

Two words, two lives, two paths to choose; each with a different end.

To go and seek a future; or stay with an artificial friend.

And so I chose a path to take; and laid the other one to rest.

I did the hardest thing I’d ever done; I said goodbye to Crystal Meth.

—Erin, age 17

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