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Alcohol & You

Beer commercials make it seem like drinking beer will make you feel great but it’s hard to know how a person will act after drinking alcohol. One person might be more relaxed, another depressed, another more wild, another angry. In general, you feel more of what you were feeling before you started drinking. Alcohol lowers brain activity thereby slowing reaction time and leading to poor judgement. Alcohol is a drug, and it can cause serious problems when mixed with other drugs. For instance, drinking alcohol and taking tranquilizers and/or antihistamines can be fatal! Long-term drinking damages the liver, heart and brain, leads to loss of appetite, vitamin deficiencies, stomach ailments, skin problems, sexual problems and memory loss. Drinking during pregnancy can damage the baby’s brain and body, resulting in the baby being born with a life-long disability—fetal alcohol syndrome—that affects how the baby looks, thinks, acts and learns.

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